The manager will determine if our house is appropriate for the requested referral at the initial stage of the Placement inquiry.

You may use the form below to speed up the process; however, it is also welcomed if you wish to use your own forms if you prefer.

Placement Enquiry Form

Referral Procedures

We anticipate the placing authority to provide a completed Referral form if the placement inquiry is successful.

We recommend that the placement authority fill out a recommendation form and attach the documents listed below to support their request. It’s crucial to note that we can’t accept a placement without all of the necessary paperwork.

It is critical to supply the necessary paperwork, which includes:

  • Assessment report of the referring social worker (initial and or core assessment, Pathway Plan)
  • Legal Status
  • Social History
  • Medical History
  • Psychological / Psychiatric reports
  • Court Proceedings, (past and outstanding) also previous convictions list
  • Education Report
  • Current Risk Assessment

Emergency Placement Response

In exceptional cases, we will meet the urgent needs of a young person and the local authority that placed them following a placement breakdown.

We know that as they reach critical milestones, young people face a variety of challenging circumstances.

When faced with emergency placements, our manager will ensure safety, quality services and a comprehensive care plan for the young person