We ensure that all of our employees and keyworkers go through a rigorous screening process that involves extensive background checks before they are appointed. As well as a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service), check to see whether they have any criminal records before being assigned to any of our young people. This is to ensure that our clients are in capable hands, as we employ a more stringent recruiting procedure and ensure that all our employees adhere to the essential standards and government regulations.


Before assigning any work at Care Masters, we need all of our carers and keyworkers to undergo mandatory training. In addition, they must attend an induction programme before commencing any duty. This induction training focuses on health and safety in the event of an emergency and policy and procedural knowledge, and additional reporting and care planning needs for our young people. 

Our introduction will include information on the legal rights and requirements of those who use our services and receive care and support from us. In addition, our employees will get mandatory training regularly to further their careers.

Various measures will be implemented in delivering the training, including local and national organizations’ providers and e-learning approaches in assuring competency in fulfilling their obligations to our clients.


We care about youth and our employees.

We believe that trusting connections can change people’s life. Therefore, our staff and key workers work hard to foster healthy relationships with youths and their families and friends. In addition, we are continuously searching for ways to enhance our internal collaboration and our relationships with our commissioners, sponsors, and supporters.


Every individual is respected, and we recognise each person’s strengths.

Our strategy is based on respect for individual human rights. We respect our teams for what they bring to the table and how they encourage young people to be the best version of themselves.


We are professional and dedicated to continual learning and reflection.

We have high expectations, and we learn and grow together by reflecting.


We are innovative and committed to welcome change.

Listening to young people provides the finest insights into how to effect change. We do things together and have fun together to generate passion and energy for change. We are forward-thinking, push the envelope, and improve based on facts and proof.


We are adaptable and versatile to be future-ready.

We do everything we can to meet the unique and changing requirements of the young people we care for, as well as the requests of every one of our commissioners.


Care Masters are realistic about our abilities and enthusiastic about the future.

We don’t make promises we can’t keep, and we work hard to exceed expectations.

All young people will be treated with decency and respect, as will their support workers and essential staff. Care Masters strives to provide expert assistance to young people to help them reach their full potential in terms of health and well-being. All people we assist and those who work with Care Masters have our human and citizenship rights upheld. Individual choice and independent decision-making are the rights of all young people, and all Care Masters employees will promote these rights. All young people shall have their right to independence acknowledged and promoted. Young people’s individuality will be recognised and appreciated, and this will be reflected in our care plans and how we listen and respond to our young people.

Individuals privacy and rights will be maintained in Care Masters, and all information related to individuals will be held confidential. However, we recognise the importance of personal fulfilment for young people and strive to assist them in identifying significant activities.


The manager will determine if our house is appropriate for the requested referral at the initial stage of the Placement inquiry. You may use the form below to speed up the process; however, it is also welcomed if you wish to use your own forms if you prefer.


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